Perishable Logistics

TGF offers logistics solutions tailored to the special needs of the food chain, creating value, optimizing costs, and reducing the risks inherent to the transport of perishable goods.

The food industry is undergoing two major changes:

  • De-localization of plantations: industrialized countries produce less agricultural products.
  • De-seasonalized demand: consumers want to eat grapes, oranges, pineapples, and melons all year round.

Perishable customers want logistics partners that can ensure access to capacity, cool facilities in as many steps of transport as feasible and affordable, and the ability to move goods rapidly and on time. Another growing demand is for end-to-end service. With sourcing from more diverse locations, perishable supply chains have become crowded; shippers are seeking service providers who can manage multiple suppliers and/or provide a range of services under a single banner. Experience is critical to understanding the characteristics and needs of each commodity. This is where TGF becomes dominant. TGF is assumed as your one-stop shop for your food import/export processes: control from the outset, ensuring the best transit time until arrival at destination. Whatever the transportation option, TGF can always put thermal imagers (data loggers) with the goods to recording and monitoring of temperature, from the time of loading to the point of unloading at the destination. Useful tool for any dispute with insurance companies, allows either the sender or the consignee to ensure the appropriate treatment that their products were at all shipping stages without breaking the movement of the cold chain.