We are a bunch that makes a great team, truly entrepreneurial in nature, willing to go the extra mile for our partners and customers; these indeed are softer attributes

Reputation precedes our name. That is because we believe customers come to us for expertise and we make them stay with us for the culture. We attempt to deliver service excellence and value for our customers every single day. Through our experience we know that every logistics solution is different, however what we do is to contextualize the solution with customer requirement. Being knowledgeable about how customer’s businesses work becomes the critical attribute.

Here is what you get by collaborating with us:

  • Hands on leadership in dealing with your operations.
  • Handpicked professionals in the middle and senior management functions
  • Technology is not an enabler here, you will see it in action.
  • Digitisation is at the heart of TGF, you will experience it
  • Expertise of a licenced customs broker and related services
  • User industry knowledge levels you can relate to, knowledgeable experts you can talk to