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Transys Global Forwarding (TGF) is the leading Air Freight Forwarding Company in Bangalore, India. Let's come home to expertise, stay back for the culture that you deserve. Engage with our airfreight experts who give solutions that meet your objectives. Join hands with us to:

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  • Experience 360 degrees of working around with multiple air-sea and other multimodal options to cover time, geography, space and trade complexities.
  • Get connected to a vast network of airfreight specialists amongst our partners and ecosystem members worldwide.
  • Collaborate with our account representative on all your logistics requirements.
  • Track, trace, transact, analyse and drive data based decision support tools from our customer portal that is required for running your supply chain.

All this and much more with the kind of professionals that can understand your business needs and translate them into solutions.

Things to remember when choosing an air freight forwarding company in India

Supply chain is a complex process. Transporting goods via air is no different. Right from preparing documentation to clearing customs, many steps need to be followed carefully for ensuring the safe and secure importing and exporting of various products.

Whether you are a small or big business, you will need extra help to organize your shipping process. In this aspect, an air freight forwarding company can offer great help. Though the air freight forwarding company does not transport the goods by themselves, they assist with the various steps involved in ensuring the safe and secure delivery of your goods on time.

What are the important functions of air freight forwarding companies and how can they reduce your transporting stress? Read on to know more.

What is an air freight forwarding company?

An air freight forwarding company in India is an organization that supports businesses in importing and exporting goods via air. They ensure the safe, secure and hassle-free importing and exporting of goods by performing various important functions in international trade.

Functions of air freight forwarding company

Suggest the best transportation options for their customers as per customer requirements

There are various modes of transportation (such as airlines, rail, ship etc.) available for shipping the products. A freight forwarding company in India or agent suggests the best mode of transportation for you as per your personal requirements and product type. The air freight forwarding company takes this decision based on various factors like geographical location, the urgency, congestion, and the type of products you want to export.

Select the best possible and economical shipping option for their customers

Air freight forwarding companies in India have vast knowledge and experience related to different modes of transportation and the minute details like flight timing, shipping schedule, etc. They advise the best cost-saving option for transporting goods for their customers.

Offer expert advice for logistic-related expenses

Exporting goods involves various logistic-related expenses which include documentation fees, insurance etc. air freight forwarding companies or individual offer their expert advice for these logistic-related expenses and make sure that your freight costs and expenses stay within budget.

Help in the documentation process

Importing and exporting goods with air crafts is a tedious process. Airlines and air crafts follow proper guidelines and detailed processes to ensure that you are not loading any prohibited or dangerous items in their air crafts. Here, the air freight forwarding company comes into action. They help in transecting carriers and make the entire process a lot easier.

As a first step, air freight forwarding companies help in preparing various important importing and exporting documentation.

Here is a list of some commonly used documents for importing and exporting your goods.

  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Bill of lading
  • Airway bill
  • Certificate of origin
  • Declaration certification for hazardous products
  • Letter of credit
  • Insurance certificate
  • Import/ export declaration

Help in multi-modal shipping

Transportation of goods involves multiple modes of transportation like air, road and railway. A good air freight forwarding company in India helps in this aspect and ensures your product remains safe and secure with multi-modal transportation. Air freight forwarding companies have an expanded network and supporting agencies which help in various steps and facilitate smooth multimodal transportation.

Help in custom clearance

Clearing customs for your goods might become an exhaustive process if you do it all by yourself. Air freight forwarding companies have in-depth knowledge and experience in clearing customs for different types of goods. They make this entire process a lot easier and reduce your stress.

Things to remember when hiring an air freight forwarding company in India

  • First make sure to hire an air freight forwarding company that has decent experience and expertise in the air freight forwarding sector. Experienced freight forwarding companies not only follow all necessary steps to ensure the safe and secure delivery of your goods, but they act proficiently and handle unexpected situations (like flight delays etc.) very well.
  • Next, check whether the air freight forwarding company offers custom clearing services. Selecting an air freight forwarding company that offers custom clearing services helps in custom clearance process and reduce your stress.
  • Do not forget to check the references and reviews before hiring an air freight forwarding company. Good references show that the company is reliable and full fill their responsibilities seriously.
  • An air freight forwarding company with your industry specific specialization is a good bet as these forwarding companies have in depth experience in handling the supply chain requirements of a specific industry. They understand the way a particular industry works and hence can proactively identify challenges and resolve them.

So, these are some important functions which are performed by air freight forwarding companies in India. If you are looking for a reliable air freight forwarding company that specializes in automotive, pharmaceutical, industrial and hi-tech electronics sector then connect with Transys Global Forwarding today.

With an expansive industry experience and 150+ specialist working across India, we can handle all your air freight forwarding needs.

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