FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Sea freight forwarding in India involves several steps. First, a shipper contacts a freight forwarding company or freight forwarder to arrange the transportation of goods via sea. Then, the freight forwarder negotiates with shipping lines to secure space on a vessel. They handle warehousing, cargo space scheduling, cargo insurance, documentation, multimodal transportation, specialized packaging documentation and logistics aspects of sea shipping to ensure compliance with regulations. Once the goods are ready, they are transported to the port for loading onto the vessel. Throughout the journey, the freight forwarder tracks the shipment and provides regular updates to the shipper. Upon arrival at the destination port, the freight forwarder arranges for customs clearance and delivers goods to the final destination. In a nutshell, efficient coordination, adherence to timelines and proper documentation are some integral factors for smooth sea freight forwarding operations in India.
TGF World or Transys Global Forwarding stands out as a reliable shipping partner for several reasons. They possess extensive experience in the logistics industry and have a highly experienced team of trusted industry experts to ensure proficient handling of the logistics operations. Their hands-on leadership approach guarantees competency in every aspect of logistics management. TGF boasts a robust global network of trusted partners to enable seamless coordination across various routes and destinations worldwide. Moreover, they integrate technology seamlessly to enhance the efficiency and transparency of their logistic operations. Tailored logistic solutions as per customer needs, licensed custom broker service and operational excellence are other reasons that make Transys Global Forwarding a reliable shipping partner for your various logistical needs.
Yes, TGF World is well-equipped to handle both small and large cargo shipments efficiently. Our extensive network of carriers and partners allow us to manage shipments of varying sizes, from small parcels to oversized freight and heavy machinery. Our specialized equipment and experienced team ensure that your cargo is handled with care and precision, regardless of its size. For smaller shipments, we offer consolidated services to maximize cost savings, while for larger cargo, we provide dedicated freight solutions with personalized attention to detail. Our team will work closely with you to develop customized solutions for the transportation and handling of your unique cargo requirements.
Here are some key factors that affect the sea freight costs in India.
  • Fuel prices: Fuel is a significant expense for maritime transport, thus fluctuations in global oil prices directly impact the sea freight costs in India.

  • Market demand: High demand for shipping services can drive up prices, especially during peak seasons like holidays while low market demand reduces the shipping costs automatically.

  • Trade regulations: Tariffs, duties, and trade agreements also impact shipping costs by influencing cargo volumes and routes.

  • Currency exchange rates: Fluctuations in currency values can affect freight rates, especially for imports and exports.

  • Weather conditions: Severe climatic events such as storms, tsunamis, hurricanes etc. may disrupt schedules and incur additional costs for rerouting or delays.

  • Geopolitical Disruptions: Wars, trade disputes or even incidents like ship marooning in Suez Canal can cause huge disruptions and drive up the cost of sea freight.

  • Apart from that, distance, port fee, container capacity, insurance cost and type of freight are other factors that increase the price of sea freight costs in India.
Tracking your cargo with TGF World is a seamless experience enhanced by our multifaceted approach. Our advanced tracking system allows you to monitor your shipment through various parameters such as part numbers, AWB numbers, and purchase order references. We offer real-time updates to provide instant visibility into your cargo's journey. Moreover, we also communicate potential delays promptly to enable proactive decision-making. Last but not the least, the data generated at the control tower level offers valuable insights and empowers you to track exceptions and analyze performance against your business metrics and ultimately enhance overall supply chain efficiency. At TGF World, we prioritize transparency and accountability and offer our customers peace of mind through reliable cargo tracking services.