HAZ Cargo Company In India

TGF is strategically positioned to handle your high-consequence shipments and special projects

We have a history of successful compliance-intensive shipment execution, including service to governments and international customers. We have cultivated numerous relationships with regulatory bodies worldwide. Additionally, we have secured consulting arrangements with many carriers that allow TGF to tender shipments outside of their typical acceptance profile. We invest in continuous learning of handling speciality cargo and chemicals and maintain relationships with specialty focused worldwide partners. TGF staff specializes in heavy lifting, chartering, transboundary waste, all hazard classes including PIH, explosives and radioactive, obtaining import/- export/transit permits/permissions, and development of total door to door project solutions.

Lubes and speciality oils have become knowledge and excellence centres of operation in TGF. We ship hundreds of containers which are 20’SD, 40HC and Flexi tanks. Flexi bag approval documentation with steamship lines, fitment of flexi bags in A grade containers and stuffing is monitored by qualified staff under expert supervision. Similarly industrial grade special lubes that are packed in drums are regularly handled in 20SD and 40HC containers for exports out of India to worldwide destinations.