Case Studies of Mahindra Defence Land Systems Limited

Freight solutions that involves project management approach

In 2020 during the nation-wide lockdown owing to the coronavirus pandemic, Transys was awarded the movement of 17 Mine Protected Vehicles & Ambulance Personnel Carrier from their factory in Faridabad, India to South East Asia. These vehicles were part of UN Peace Keeping mission. Deployment of skilled personnel at loading/offloading points,

arrangements made for lifting the vehicles into the special equipment for stuffing, appropriate lashing and securing have been in the job scope besides the transportation and ocean freight movement.

For Transys, this is a demonstration of its project management skills, that leaves its signature on the movement conceived and executed through its brand promise expertise in motion.

Mahindra Defence Land System is part of Mahindra & Mahindra Group of Companies. Mahindra Defence is a leading provider of innovative armoured solution for the military and para military forces in India. They have been involved in defence systems since 1974. They started their journey with World War II iconic Willy Jeeps. From assembling Will Jeeps in India, they moved

into designing their own line of armoured vehicles to become largest private sector supplier to Government of India. Transys has been associated with Mahindra Defence over the last many years in servicing their inbound and outbound freight requirements besides domestic movements.