Explore the world of sea freight forwarding in India with TRANSYS GLOBAL FORWARDING

Sea freight or ocean shipping is one of the leading modes for businesses to ship their goods. It is estimated that more than 80% of goods are transported by ocean shipping and this trend is growing at a rapid rate.

As per recent ‘statistics’, between the years 1990 to 2021, sea freight has seen a hike of more than doubled and reached up to 11 billion tons according to the latest update. Moreover, another ‘report ’confirms that the sea freight forwarding market size is $70.50 Billion in the year 2023 and it is expected to grow up to $92.08 by the year 2028.

Any business looking to export or import goods via the sea route has to select reliable and trustworthy sea freight forwarding services for shipping their goods. If you are looking for a reliable shipping partner for efficient sea freight management, then ‘Transys Global Forwarding’ is your answer.

What are the benefits of Transys Global Forwarding Sea freight forwarding services

Access to world-class sea freight experts

Transys Global Forwarding prides itself on being a gateway to a global network of ocean freight experts. With their strategic partnerships with ecosystem collaborators, they offer easy access to world-class ocean experts across the world. This interconnected approach ensures that your shipping needs are fulfilled with a wealth of expertise from every corner of the globe.

All-encompassing shipping solutions

Transys Global Forwarding is a go-to provider for all shipping needs. Whether you require multi-modal options, groupage, or regular consolidation box movements, the company adapts to your specific requirements and helps in facilitating smooth supply chain management.

Dedicated account representation

Transys Global Forwarding assigns a dedicated account representative to oversee your portfolio. This personalized touch ensures that your concerns are heard, and solutions are tailored to align with your goals.

Optimal commercial options and capacity

Transys Global Forwarding leverages its extensive industry knowledge to provide clients with the best commercial options and optimal capacity. Their professional expertise helps in streamlining your logistic operation effectively.

Digital customer portal

The digital era demands seamless and transparent communication. Transys Global Forwarding rises to this challenge with a customer portal par excellence. With this portal, you have greater visibility and control on your supply chain from a single application and can effectively streamline your communication.

Transys Global Forwarding services for sea freight forwarding.
Full Container Load (FCL):
Greater availability of skilled people

Transys Global Forwarding handles Full Container Load shipments with precision and ensures that your cargo is transported seamlessly from origin to destination.

Consolidation/Less than Container Load (LCL):

They also offer consolidation and Less than container services for small shipments by optimizing costs and without compromising on reliability.


The company's drayage and inland services ensure that your cargo is seamlessly transported from the port to the final destination and they also work to fasten the crucial last-mile delivery.

Cargo Insurance:

Transys Global Forwarding understands the importance of securing your shipments. Thus, they offer comprehensive cargo insurance options for businesses to secure their shipments.

What features set them apart from others.

Here are some prominent features that set Transys Global Forwarding apart from their contemporary sea freight forwarders.

Highly personalized approach and focus on building a long-lasting relationship.

Transys believes in offering a highly personalized solution as per your specific requirements. They focus not only on offering logistic solutions but also on working closely to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Extensive capabilities for sea fright management

Here at Transys Global Forwarding, you get a chance to explore a wide range of exclusive capabilities for your sea freight management. From PO management to customs brokerage, they offer many facilities for ocean shipping. Moreover, trade compliance and classification, hazmat and temperature control and managing out-of-gauge or special equipment are their other specialties.

Support of highly professional and trusted industry experts

TGF leadership team consist of trusted industry experts from logistic industry and domain experts from specific industries. These experts have decade of experience in managing various logistic operations and they also understand the client side business. The leadership has a macro view of the supply chain and they work passionately to offer best services to ensure smooth operations for your business.


In conclusion, Transys Global Forwarding is one of the best sea freight forwarding companies in India. They offer a comprehensive suite of services and a commitment to excellence for their customers. If you are interested in knowing more visit ‘tgfworld.com’or drop a mail at . ‘transys@tgfwrold.com’